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About Us


In a quaint, rustic retail store at 1302 Finlayson Street is The English Cabinet Maker, a haven of handmade wooden furniture. At the desk is Martha Fisher who manages the store, and in the workshop is Paul Fisher, the Cabinet Maker. Being a family run business, Alison and Natalie Fisher (daughters) help with sales in the store in their spare time. James Fisher (son) runs a small computer repair business in the back section of the store.

From glass-front cabinets, robust bookshelves or full kitchen production (cabinet, drawers, countertop frame and woodworking around the fridge), The English Cabinet Maker provides the originality for one-of-a-kind furniture creations with a European flair. Paul shows the creative character of an oldworld cabinet maker; no surprise, as he apprenticed in London, England as a teenager. Paul has welcomed country-style seekers at his store for over 20 years. However, Paul is quick to add that many buyers skillfully merge modern pieces with country-style treasures for a pleasing ambience in living room, dining room, entry-way, bedroom or kitchen. Full kitchen installations by The English Cabinet Maker include Paul’s general contracting services to organize the countertop orders, electrical and plumbing. From start to finish the project takes about two months. The customer selects their wood preference, primarily pine or douglas fir, much of it from BCs Okanagan region. To get the best idea of what someone is looking for, Paul visits the customer’s home and measure for a whole kitchen renovation.

When people have older pieces of furniture in need of repair, Paul is often who they go to with wood items; usually smaller pieces such as tables and chairs. Paul makes healthy furniture out of real wood. There is no off-gassing as occurs with chipboard-pressed and other manufactured pieces. Old-fashioned methods such as dove tailing are used in some pieces. Methods such as these ensure durability and enhance the quality of the pieces. Most pieces are custom ordered, allowing the customer to have exactly what they want. And if the finished product isn’t quite what the customer had in mind, Paul will simply showcase that piece in the store and make a new piece at no extra charge.


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1302 Finlayson Street